Brick City - Mayor Cory Booker Brick City - Mayor Cory Booker

Sundance Channel's 2010-11 lineup will include more Brick City, some fashionable new reality shows and the network's first foray into scripted programming.

Carlos, a three-part miniseries about terrorist Carlos the Jackal, will kick off Sundance's slate of scripted series this fall. Edgar Ramirez (Che, Domino) stars as Carlos, who's currently serving a life sentence for the killings of two French agents and their informant in 1975.

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Other scripted series in development include Triple Crossing

, a crime drama set in South America; The Clinic, a suspense thriller set in the near future; Fear of Flying, based on Erica Jong's novel; and Shutterbabe, which chronicles the travels of a female photojournalist. All four will debut in 2011.Also on tap for next year is a new crop of fashion and design shows as part of Sundance's "Full Frontal Fashion" franchise. They include Teman and Teran, about the twin jewelry designers, and Agents of Design, which will give viewers a look into a designer's agency, Brian Stark's Brand Equity Showroom.Sundance also announced August 2010 premieres for the new program Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, a series that explores the relationships between women and their gay best friends, and an online series from Isabella Rossellini about the mating rituals of different creatures, Seduce Me.

Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno 2 takes a voyeuristic look at oceanic sex

Returning to the channel are Iconoclasts, The Lazy Environmentalist, Man Shops Globe, The Day Before and Brick City, the critically acclaimed series about the struggles facing Newark, N.J., as the city's residents and its mayor, Cory Booker, strive to make it a better place to live.Which show are you most looking forward to seeing?