From the sublime to the ridiculous, we've got the goods on the latest crop of new reality shows. Trailer makeovers? Check. Will & Grace's "Just Jack" slumming it on Bravo in the dead of August? Check. Pauly Shore's resurrection from the dead... on TBS?! Check, mates. You've gotta get a load of this!
Fire Me... Please (CBS, premieres tomorrow, 9 pm/ET)
"The Bizarro Apprentice": Each week contestants do their damnedest to get fired.

The Cut (CBS, premieres Thursday, 8pm/ET)Aspiring designers compete to work for picky, pint-size fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger.

Minding the Store (TBS, premieres July 17, 10 pm/ET)Pauly Shore takes over his mother's legendary laugh house, the Comedy Store.

Situation: Comedy (Bravo, premieres August 2, 8 pm/ET)Sean Hayes and producer Todd Milliner turn the pilot-season pitching ritual into a reality competition.

Meet Mister Mom (NBC, premieres August 3, 8 pm/ET)Instead of swapping wives, two competing families ship Mother off for a vacation, and Dad takes over.

Brat Camp (ABC, premieres this summer)Nanny 911 grows up as parents send their troubled teens to an Oregon boot camp.

Trailer Fabulous (MTV, premieres this summer)A team of style experts makes dreams come true for trailer-park dwellers, spoofing makeover TV with hilarious irony. Fab Five, it's over.

Welcome to the Neighborhood (ABC, premieres this summer)Denizens of a suburban neighborhood are faced with a group of culturally diverse families and decide which one they'll allow to move in.

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