If I were to sum it up in one sentence, I would say: "This monkey of an episode was smokin' but extremely disturbing, scars and all the middle was a drag, and the end was a real p---er!" But let me elaborate. First of all, why did I have to be eating a late dinner while watching the scene with Ava's dead and decomposing son Adrian on the floor right after Matt had his fantasy sex scene? Pretty. Besides that, I never thought I'd see Vanessa Redgrave smoke pot with her real-life daughter Joely Richardson and watch a gorilla get plastic surgery in the same hour. At least there was no Carver this week. Christian said, "For the first time in weeks, I forgot all about the Carver," but you know he's not telling the truth. Last week he told Sean the Carver raped him, but he wouldn't admit it to Kit, so you know there will be repercussions. But back to this week. As soon as angry Matt walked into the drag bar, I knew right away it would end in violence. What I didn't expect was to see the drag queens beat him up and then urinate on him at the end like they did. I guess they showed him. Speaking of Matt, am I the only one who thinks John Hensley looks like Michael Jackson? I'm talking current MJ, of course.

Nice job by Robin Bartlett, whom a lot of you probably recognized from Mad About You, as the gal from the Gorilla Protection Agency. But here's where I prove what a TV geek I am. The episode was written by Lyn Greene and Richard Levine, who are also coexecutive producers. I remember Lyn from the late-'70s sitcom On Our Own (it was on after Rhoda and it costarred Bess Armstrong), but you may remember her as the young Dorothy in flashbacks on The Golden Girls (Lyn is the spitting image of my goddess Bea Arthur). But wait I'll take it one step further. Another Nip/Tuck writer/producer is Jennifer Salt, who played Eunice Tate on Soap. Every week I see their names in the opening credits and every week I think of the shows I watched them in when I was a kid. Told you I was a TV geek! Dave Anderson

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