Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht

Can Louis Litt be bought?

We'll find out on Suits' midseason finale Thursday (10/9c, USA) when he casts his vote for Pearson Hardman's managing partner. Hardman (David Costabile) has been wooing Louis (Rick Hoffman) with the attention he's never received from Jessica (Gina Torres) and, oh, just a senior partnership, but the former metal mouth still has the chance to do the right thing and check off Jessica's name.

Louis' vote — is his the one that tips the scales? — and the results will be revealed on the finale, but here are seven more things you can expect.

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1. The civil war rages on

Vote, schmote. The office politics only escalate as (Gabriel Macht) and Jessica brainstorm a new way to remove Hardman, who tries to coerce Louis to come up with a plan to oust Harvey. One thing's for sure: Someone is definitely outta there by the end of the hour.2. The fighterThe promo shows Harvey shoving Louis up against a wall and about a second away from clocking him. All we'll say is Harvey does deliver a few knockout punches in the episode.3. Remember that memo?
How could you forget, right? Donna (Sarah Rafferty) may be back at the firm, but the Coastal Motors memo drama will rear its ugly head again. This time, though, it puts someone else in the hot seat.4. The high life
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: Mike is smoking pot again. Still grieving the death of his grandmother, he turns to weed to cope and gets into a huge argument with Harvey, who sends him home. Don't worry, they kiss and make up — and plot some hilarious high-jinks.5. Harvey's family life
Itching to learn more about Harvey's mysterious upbringing? He'll shed more light on his childhood and relationship with his parents in a heart-to-heart with someone who is not Donna.
Suits casts Mike's new love interest

6. Mike's blast from the past
Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle) kiss again, as seen in the promo, but there's yet another speed bump in the way. Mike's old pal and ex-girlfriend Tess (Elisabeth Hower) — with whom he's "shared a few milestones," as she puts it — visits in the wake of Grammy's death. But is she there to mourn Grammy or go after Mike? Check out an exclusive sneak peek of Tess' entrance below. 7. Seinfeld love
Suits loves to drop movie references, but it will throw the small screen a bone with a shout-out to one of the most famous Seinfeld lines. Suits airs Thursday at 10/9c on USA.