Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams

After three seasons with a fake lawyer roaming the halls of Pearson Specter, Suits has reset itself in Season 4 after Mike (Patrick J. Adams) went legit by joining Sidwell's investment banking firm at the end of Season 3. 

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Before you could begin to wonder how the show would service both firms, it answered it for us: Sidwell is a Pearson Specter client. And now Mike and Harvey (Gabriel Macht

) are embroiled in a nasty, season-long takeover battle for Walter Gillis' (Michael Gross) company involving another one of Harvey's clients, Logan Sanders (Brendan Hines), who just so happens to have had an affair with Rachel (Meghan Markle) back in the day. Meanwhile, the SEC is investigating Pearson Specter. It's drama-with-a-capital-D, but is it working?On the one hand, Suits needed to make a big move because its original premise was unsustainable. How long could Mike keep his secret before he's completely exposed? How many more times can Harvey save his butt? Getting him out of the fake lawyer game was a great way to go and develop Mike's character to come into his own without Harvey while still keeping his secret intact. 

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But it's also a bit of the same ol', same ol'. Pearson Specter is in peril yet again — how many times can Jessica (Gina Torres) save it? — there's another "war" (Harvey vs. Mike), and Harvey has redirected his anger from the case-of-the-week (remember those?) opposition to Mike. It's understandable that Harvey still views Mike as his underling instead of as his client/equal, and we do like seeing Harvey and Mike face off, but their intense, protracted battle has zapped the show of the carefree, fun energy and bromance that made it so likable in the first place. There is still a long ways to go in the season — and Harvey pre-emptively telling Gillis about Mike's druggie past, along with Mike giving Harvey his dad's tapes instead of using them as leverage last week (watch it here), prove that they value their friendship more than the case — but can we handle a whole season of them going at each other's throats? What do you think of Suits Season 4 so far? Do you like the change-up or do you want things to go back to the way they were — or at least move on from the takeover battle?