Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams

Mike is gone from Pearson Specter, but most definitely not forgotten.

After Mike (Patrick J. Adams) accepted Jonathan Sidwell's investment banking job offer last season on Suits, Season 4 (premieres Wednesday, 9/8, USA) will pick up three months later with the former faux lawyer still at his new gig.

"We didn't want to give Mike the job offer unless he was going to take the job," executive producer Aaron Korsh tells "And the other part is, we didn't want him to take the job, go there and then undo it and have him return to the firm. ... I asked the writers last season to come up with the ideas of if Mike took this job offer, how would we still have him in our world and have it be credible."

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Part 1 is for Sidwell to be one of Harvey's (Gabriel Macht

) clients. Part 2 is a (probable) season-long arc pitting the former mentor-protégé against each other in a takeover bid regarding businessman Walter Gillis' (Michael Gross) DVD distribution company. "Once that clicked, it was like, 'We can do this,'" Korsh says. "It was honestly very daunting trying to figure out how to juggle the two worlds."Here are seven things you can expect from Season 4.1. Pick a sideMike has made keeping Gillis' business solvent his No. 1 priority, but he will clash with Harvey, who does not approve of his strategy. Things come to a head when Logan Sanders (Brendan Hines), a former rich bad boy done good, enters the takeover bidding war. "There are a lot of sides fighting, but the main is Harvey vs. Mike," Korsh says. "Mike wants his respect, but Harvey won't give it to him. Mike's success in his new career will really be defined by this case. ... As this takeover battle escalates — it's going to last a while — it's going to bring out the good and bad and a lot of secrets in many different relationships."2. Blast from the pastLogan Sanders might be a new face to viewers, but he has a past with one of the characters that will be revealed by the premiere's end. 3. What does Malone really want?The season's other new fixture is Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside), an SEC prosecutor sent by U.S. attorney Woodall (Zeljko Ivanek) to keep tabs on Pearson Specter after Mike and Harold escaped his wrath in the finale. Malone will make one bold request of Jessica (Gina Torres) and Harvey in the premiere that will be resolved by the end of the episode as well. "The takeover and the Malone-Woodall story are two trains running at the same time and they will cross and will take care of themselves," Korsh says. "Neal McDonough will come in to add a little wrinkle to that."4. Pearson Specter Litt? Louis (Rick Hoffman) kicks off his rogue plan to be promoted to name partner and will have something to show for it (sort of).

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5. Bumps aheadRachel (Meghan Markle) has started law school at Columbia and is now an associate of Harvey's, but thanks to her relationship with Mike, the takeover bid will cause some bumps in the road in her professional and personal lives. "Rachel gets caught in the center of it a bit because she is also that link to Mike," Korsh says." We'll explore the toll this will take on their relationship between law school, the case and no longer seeing each other as much [at work]. Those are a lot of stressors." Korsh, who had initially wanted to break the couple up midseason last year, says he has decided whether or not to do it this year — and won't go back on it.

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6. Mike's DonnaMike's new secretary, Amy (Melanie Papalia), is "his Donna," but Korsh won't entertain any third wheel/romance possibilities for now. "The season's not over yet!" he teases. "But she's a really fun new character, and their relationship is very similar to Harvey and Donna's [Sarah Rafferty]."7. Love is in the air! The premiere will feature no fewer than four characters hitting the sheets. (See: Harvey's "morning meeting.") Speaking of romance, Jessica will also finally get a love interest this season. "That's something we had wanted to do for a while and we finally found a good way to do it," Korsh says. "So we're very excited about that and where we can go with it."Suits premieres Wednesday at 9/8c on USA. Watch the Season 3 finale here