Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams

Suits creator Aaron Korsh has a viewing tip for you for Tuesday's Season 3 premiere: DVR it.

"A lot goes down, so you might need to re-watch," he tells "Sometimes I'm in the edit bay with our episodes and I'm like, 'Wow! A lot happens.' But it's especially true here. You might need a minute to digest it and then watch it again. What I try to do with the first episode back — whatever we end on, I like to tackle it right away. I'm a fan of TV and I don't like it when there's a big cliff-hanger and they come back and avoid it. It annoys fans. So we dive right in to those issues."

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And there are lots of them. Last we saw Pearson Hardman Pearson merged with Darby's (

Conleth Hill) British firm after Harvey (Gabriel Macht) lost a bet to Jessica (Gina Torres), who went as far to blackmail Mike (Patrick J. Adams) to oblige lest she tell the D.A. that he doesn't have a law degree. Upset, Harvey, who's now bound to a non-compete and has to work to be partner, fired Mike, only for Jessica to un-fire him. But his little secret did come out — he finally told Rachel (Meghan Markle) and they got it on in the file room."There's plenty of tension between multiple people," Korsh says. "Mike and Rachel had sex, but they're not together yet. ... When he told her his secret, I liken it to a betrayal. He's been living the life she's longed for and he didn't earn it. Let's say he had cheated on her, she might be able to get over that, but it's a process and the thought of what he did will pop into her head and drive her crazy. So that's what she's fighting now."Rachel is so enraged with Mike that she basically dares him to quit if he's afraid that she'll out him, as seen in the exclusive five-minute sneak peek below.

Rachel, of course, isn't the only person whose trust Mike needs to win back. Despite Mike's efforts to help him on the season-long bribery case involving oil honcho Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley), Harvey can't be bothered with his former associate, and Jessica doesn't help matters when she gives Mike a brand spankin' new office. Their mentor-mentee rift will be mirrored in Harvey's falling-out with his own mentor, Jessica. Though she's emerged victorious with the bet and the merger — which will go through — Jessica has more or less alienated herself from anyone who's not British — and she knows it. "Harvey pushed Jessica into a corner last season and she came out fighting," Korsh says. "They each crossed a line trying to win. After she beat him, she smacked him down hard. Now, when the consequences reverberate back, she starts to think, 'Do I need to mend some fences?'"

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But don't expect Jessica or Mike to come to Harvey with their tails between their legs. They each take "big steps" to make-good with Harvey, who also needs to do some self-reflection and perhaps pride-swallowing of his own. "To some degree, Jessica may have crossed the line and entered a merger that Harvey didn't want, but she didn't start the fight and she's the boss. And poor Mike was backed into the wall. He had no choice. But does Harvey see that?" Korsh says. "In Episode 2, the [Hessington] case is going to shed some light on Harvey and Jessica's relationship, and Harvey and Mike's. I like that we've created enough doubt that fans don't know if and when Harvey will forgive Mike and trust him again."Speaking of trust, are Darby and the British invasion trustworthy? Hessington has a history with Darby that will come to light as the case unfolds, and a British Harvey, Stephen Huntley (Max Beesley), will arrive stateside to assist in a certain arrangement that is made in the premiere, which is titled, "The Arrangement.""All I'll say is they're merged, but there's a battle for control of the firm and it's played out through the lens of this one case," Korsh teases. "Throughout the course of this season, as usual, people's allegiances shift, alliances shift. But everyone is going to reap the consequences of their actions. They're boxed in and they try to weave themselves out, but whatever way they choose will have future consequences." Suits returns Tuesday at 10/9c on USA.