Darvey fans, please brace yourselves.

Suits has been playing with the hearts of its fans desperate to see Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) together for seven and a half seasons. That's over 100 episodes of legal drama and office sexual tension. We've seen their early days and pre-firm hook up. We saw Donna get fired. We've seen Harvey date half a dozen other people. We've seen Donna date other people. It's been a lot, but through it all, there's always been hope that these two obvious soulmates would find their way into each other's arms by the end of the series.

Until now.

Donna ended the midseason finale by kissing Harvey full on the mouth. "I'm sorry Harvey, but I just needed to know," she said post lip-lock and left the office. The second half of the season picked up mere seconds after the intimate encounter with Harvey reeling from the interaction. Harvey Spector does almost everything well, but dealing with complicated emotions is not one of them and thus sentenced all Suits viewers to one of the most stressful episodes of the series.

Sarah Rafferty and Gabriel Macht, <em>Suits</em>Sarah Rafferty and Gabriel Macht, Suits

He did not react to the kiss with the sudden realization that Donna is everything he wants and needs. Oh no, our golden boy went full nuclear with his reaction and everything went to hell.

First off, he decided not to tell his girlfriend Paula (Christina Cole) that Donna had kissed him. Instead, he asked her to move in and stayed tight-lipped even when she asked what would prompt him to make such a serious request so soon into their relationship. Harvey has been through enough failed relationships on this show to know this was a bad idea, but there are some things this man still need to learn the hard way.

He saved his ire entirely for Donna, though, treating her as persona-non-grata in the office, cutting her out of meetings and dismissing her valid ideas to save the firm's reputation in light of Jessica (Gina Torres) being disbarred. The cold shoulder led to a huge confrontation in the firm's lobby where Donna said she felt nothing when she kissed Harvey (we see she is still in a lot of denial about her feelings, but okay girl, protect yourself), but he admits that he did.

Yeah, if you thought now was a good time to start jumping up and down, hold your horses. Harvey didn't elaborate on what that something was, but instead lambasted Donna for making him the kind of person that would be unfaithful to his partner. That's a moral code that Harvey would never break and Donna forced him into that position. He's pissed, really pissed, and Donna inadvertently only pours gas on the fire. She pointed out it was only a kiss, they've done much more than that, so what's the big deal? The big deal is that Paula didn't know about that hook-up either. Harvey's final stop of the episode was to tell Paula the complete truth about Donna, but the look on her face after the revelation proved that their entire relationship is now in jeopardy.

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If Harvey had his head on straight, he'd realize that his issues with Paula are not because of Donna's one kiss, but because of his inability to communicate. He kept secrets to protect himself rather than giving his partner all the information she needed to make the necessary decisions about their relationship. Unfortunately, the fate of Paula and Harvey's relationship is uniquely tied to his and Donna's.

Donna and Harvey have had their spats before. They've been on opposite sides of a battle a few times, but Donna has always found a way to go above and beyond for Harvey, even at deep personal cost to herself. Would Harvey really be able to do the same if Paula decided to end things over this kiss, or more specifically his undisclosed connection to Donna? It's obvious that "Darvey" won't be happening soon, but it seems that kiss could have done permanent damage to the possibility of them ever ending up romantically entangled, even if Harvey and Paula are over.

The "Darvey" ship has hit an iceberg and now e have to decide if it's time to get off or are you willing to stay on board until it sinks and hope it's resurrected again. In the meantime, grab a life jacket because the rest of this season looks like rough seas ahead.

Suits continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.