Oh, Mike. What are we going to do with you?

Now that Mike (Patrick J. Adams) knows that Kevin (Erik Palladino) didn't sell out his father-in-law's shady fraud dealings to protect his wife, he's going to take matters into his own hands on Wednesday's episode of Suits to help Kevin out.

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Namely, he's going to go behind his cellmate's back to try to cut a deal for him to out Sutter. That's just the good guy he is, you know? (Actually, it's more like guilt, since Kevin is Mike's meal ticket out.) Kevin's predictably pissed about Mike's actions and so is Harvey (hence all the yelling in the promo). But there's one other person who is also definitely not OK with it after finding out exactly what Harvey and Mike are plotting - and has the ability to make things much worse for Mike.

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, SuitsGabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, Suits

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