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Suits Mega Buzz: Who Else Is on Gallo's Hit List?

There's one person you don't have to worry about

Joyce Eng

On Wednesday's Suits, we learned exactly why Frank Gallo (Paul Schulze) is taking out his vendetta against Harvey (Gabriel Macht) on Mike (Patrick J. Adams) in prison: Harvey convicted Gallo for racketeering 13 years ago, after he was unable to put him away for conspiracy to commit murder.

But surely Harvey isn't the only person on the prosecution whom Gallo's targeting, right? He already made reference to an investigator on the case in a near-throwaway line.

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"He has a little list," Schulze tells TVGuide.com. "Harvey ... was the face of the team that convicted Frank. The fact that Mike Ross is here just reminds [Frank] of just how much he hates Harvey and he's very excited at the chance to hurt Harvey back. Harvey is the tip of the pyramid and when he's done with him, he'll deal with everyone else. Cut off the head first, you know?"

Unfortunately, Mike has to bear the brunt of the abuse, but will Rachel (Meghan Markle), whose number Gallo still has on his secret cell phone, be collateral damage? Don't be too concerned. "He's less interested in harassing Rachel," Schulze assures. "It's all a mind game with Mike. I don't think he's as interested in getting to know her or frighten her as much as he wants to use her as leverage to mess with Mike."
Suits airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.

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