Rick Hoffman Rick Hoffman

With a potential merger in the woks at Pearson Hardman (or rather, just Pearson for now), tensions are running high  on the Suits Season 2 finale, and perhaps no one is more perturbed than Louis.

On Thursday's episode (10/9c, USA), Louis (Rick Hoffman) will meet his British equivalent, Nigel Nesbitt (guest star Adam Godley), as the British firm prepares to make a merger offer to Jessica (Gina Torres). That means Nigel has been in Pearson's HQ... and all up in Donna's business? (Not like that!)

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"You let that man inside your cubicle!" Louis tells Donna (Sarah Rafferty

) in our exclusive sneak peek below. "I have never crossed the boundary of your cubicle and should that honor be bestowed upon me, at least I'd be gentleman enough to keep it between us."Don't worry — Donna will explain herself, but that's not the only major Louis story line in the finale. Rachel (Meghan Markle) will try to recruit Harvard "grad" Mike (Patrick J. Adams) to help her expose Louis' relationship with Sheila, which is what Louis told her led to her rejection last week. Mike has bigger fish to fry, though, as he tries to help Harvey (Gabriel Macht) prevent the merger."There's blackmailing involved, and someone will lose ... and that'll set up Season 3," creator Aaron Korsh tells TVGuide.com. "A lot of times it seems like we've won, but we end up losing, and this is similar."Oh, and what about those promos teasing Mike possibly revealing his secret to Rachel? "We decided how we would continue that, if he'll tell her or not, at the beginning of the season, and that didn't change," Korsh teases.Check out the sneak peek. Suits airs Thursday at 10/9c on USA.