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"Twister" is the name of an upcoming, three-part episode of Suite Life on Deck that pays homage to The Wizard of Oz. But star Debby Ryan says it's also a metaphor for her character Bailey's turbulent relationship with Cody.

"It's the whirlwind relationship of Cody and Bailey," Ryan says. "For all of Season 3, ever since the breakup in Paris, it's been miscommunication after miscommunication. They're finally at this point of wanting to rectify things."

In "Twister, Part 1," Bailey heads to her hometown of Kettlecorn, Kansas, for her grandmother's 90th birthday. Cody (Cole Sprouse) follows her in order to win her back, and in "Twister, Part 2," he realizes he's not the only ex in town: Hutch Dano, who plays Moose, is there for the same purpose. To complicate things further, a natural disaster strikes and there's a fantasy sequence where Bailey (as Dorothy) really wants to get home. "Through the twister and the fantasy sequence, Bailey really learns what's important to her and learns what lengths it's important to go to," Ryan says.

The 17-year-old actress has no doubt who she wants Bailey to choose by the end of it all. "I see the whole Moose-Bailey thing, I get that there aren't many guys in that town — he's probably the only one who still has all of his teeth — but ultimately I don't think she needs to sacrifice her standards," she says. "Bailey's very intelligent and emotionally developed and I feel like she needs someone equally special, who's willing to appreciate that, who wants to be loved and give love to her, and that's very much Cody."

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Aside from the love triangle, the three-parter also includes two major reveals viewers have been waiting for: what Kettlecorn looks like and who will playing Mr. Tipton, head of the ship the characters live on.

In "Twister, Part 3," Cody asks Mr. Tipton to save Bailey's family farm after the disaster, and for the first time the name often mentioned has a face: veteran actor John Michael Higgins.

"When we realized they were actually going to reveal Mr. Tipton, we were very confused, like, so he has a face? We were nervous as to who would represent that character that was so long established," she says. "The second we heard it was John Michael Higgins, we were so excited."

With multiple guest stars including Higgins, Dano and NBA players Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and Kevin Love, plus the adventure, romance, fantasy sequence and natural disaster, it's not surprising that Ryan calls these her favorite episodes to date. "In all senses of the word it's monumental," she says.

Watch a clip from the Suite Life three-parter below.

The Suite Life on Deck three-parter airs Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8/7c on Disney.