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6 Things We Learned from the Leaked Suicide Squad Trailer

Jared Leto will give you all the nightmares

Robyn Ross

Thousands of Comic-Con goers were treated to the very first look at Warner Bros' Suicide Squad, but lucky for us, one brave soul leaked it online!

Set to open in August 2016, the comic book film is about a group of super villains, including Deadshot (Will Smith) and the Joker (Jared Leto), hired by the government to carry out a suicide mission that, if accomplished, would give the group a clean slate. Among the surprise guests that appeared on stage after the footage aired were Smith, Viola Davis, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Jai Courtney and director Zack Snyder. But since the "panel" lasted under five minutes, we're left to decipher all we can learn about the upcoming flick from far-away footage posted here.

Suicide Squad's first cast photo has us insanely excited

Here's what we gleaned:

1. Viola Davis is a badass boss. When Davis speaks, you listen, and in the first minute we see that her character Amanda Waller has no qualms about building a team to take the fall if any part of the mission goes awry. She also says this: "Getting people to act against their own self interest is what I do for a living."

2. Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn, is flexible. She basically hangs upside down in a jail cell while doing a split. (And the audience went wild for it.)

3. Will Smith still has "it." Being 46-years-old looks good on Smith, who shows off his buff bod around the 1:30 mark. And he also says very Will Smith things like, "Let's go save the world."

4. There's a gun-wielding panda. At the 2:25 mark there is someone in a panda suit holding a machine gun.

5. Robbie is also pretty creepy. Most of the voiceovers belong to Harley, and she pretty much seems like she's Looney Tunes.

6. Jared Leto will give you all the nightmares. If you thought this photo of Leto as the Joker was frightening, wait until you see him in action. And if you skeptical about his casting, well, the audience gave him the biggest cheers.

On Monday afternoon, Warner Bros. officially released the trailer: