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Succession Season 2 Trailer: Kendall's Got Some 'Splaining to Do

Logan Roy is ready for some payback

Amanda Bell

The Roy family feud is about to get even more intense inSuccession's second season.

HBO has revealed the trailer for the next installment in the hit dramedy series, and it looks like Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is going to have a score to settle with everyone involved in attempting to overthrow him from control of Waystar Royco -- especially his eldest son Kendall (Jeremy Strong).

The action seems to pick up where the first season left off, with Ken falling with despair into his father's arms after a drug-induced car crash leveled his chances of abetting that hostile takeover for his benefit. Logan may have offered him self-serving soothing then, but now he wants some answers.

"Did it take long, or did you open your legs on the first date?" he asks Ken of his co-conspirators. And when he learns that Kendall had to be coaxed a bit before "betraying" his dear old dad, Logan retorts, "Well, that's nice."

Until that gut-punch of a Season 1 finale, it seemed like Ken might pull it off and outfox his father, but he seems to know now that he has lost that battle badly and wants to just "follow where [Logan] goes, from here on out."

Of course, his siblings aren't sure that should be Ken's next move.

Roman (Kieran Culkin) points out that to Ken that he's doing himself no favors by trying to get back into his father's good graces and piles onto his obvious dismay by saying, "You realize how f---ed you're going to be as soon as you're no longer any use to him by the way, right?" And to make it really sting, he adds, "You look like s--- by the way." Perhaps Roman should look in a mirror, though, since he was the one who chickened out of that no-confidence vote and all.

Meanwhile, Shiv (Sarah Snook) is also critical of Kendall's sudden sycophancy. "You have a hard time finding a happy medium between worshipping him and wanting to kill him," she says on the rooftop of another swanky soiree. She could just as easily be talking to herself there, too.

So, basically, even though there's no evidence that Kendall will be trying to bring about Logan's ouster again in the new season, there's still plenty of fallout ahead for Kendall and the rest of the Roys when Succession returns to HBO in August.

Succession Season 1 is available on HBO.

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