Ana Gasteyer; Rachel Dratch Ana Gasteyer; Rachel Dratch

Another Saturday Night Live alum is visiting Suburgatory. Rachel Dratch will guest-star in the show's Halloween episode, has learned.

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Dratch's guest spot will reunite her with Chris Parnell and his on-screen wife, Ana Gasteyer.  Dratch, 46, will play a "frenemy" of Gasteyer's suburban mom, Sheila Shay, according to creator and executive producer Emily Kapnek. "They grew up together," Kapnek tells "She's a woman who stands apart from all the other moms in Chatswin. She lives in East Chatswin and she doesn't subscribe to their ideals or their values. She's kind of a feminist and a little bit of a hippie. The two of them lock horns."

The episode will also feature flashbacks to when Dratch and Gasteyer's characters were kids, starring Gasteyer's own daughter as a young Sheila Shay.

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Suburgatory has opened its arms to several alums SNL alums. In addition to Parnell and Gasteyer, Jay Mohr appeared in several episodes last season as the now-ex-husband of Dallas (Cheryl Hines). "I grew up completely enamored with SNL," Kapnek said.

Dratch, who appeared on the variety show from 1999 to 2006, has guest-starred on 30 Rock as various characters since its first season, and most recently co-starred in That's My Boy.

Suburgatory premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 9:30/8:30c.