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When it comes to politics and TV, you probably wouldn't be surprised to hear that liberal Democrats favor The Daily Show or Colbert Report. But did you know that conservative Republicans have a soft spot for The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser?

An annual study from the Experian-Simmons group asks TV fans to self-identify as a "Liberal Democrat" or "Conservative Republican," then measures their TV preferences and compiles a list of the shows each group prefers.

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Some of the findings: Conservative Republicans are more likely to watch reality programming — Swamp Loggers on Discovery topped their list, followed by Top Shot

on History, and The Bachelor. Their least favorite shows? The Daily Show, Colbert Report and The Walking Dead.Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, ranked 30 Rock and Parks and Rec among their top choices. Their least favorites included Dog the Bounty Hunter, Ghost Hunters and Swamp Loggers.When it comes to late-night network programs, liberal Democrats go for the Late Show with David Letterman and Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson while conservative Republicans go for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.Other faves for conservative Republicans include Castle, MythBusters and Pawn Stars; for liberal Democrats, favorites include The View, Modern Family and Glee.

The Middle turns out to be aptly named: Both groups like it.Do you agree with these results? Does your political affiliation match-up with the shows you prefer in the above list?