White Stripes rockers Meg and Jack White have branched out into the movie biz. Jack's already done the Civil War flick Cold Mountain, and the duo currently appear in Coffee and Cigarettes, the new indie by director Jim Jarmusch. Even so, Jack insists that all this big-screen dabbling isn't an effort to boost their celeb status.

"I hate that word," he says adamantly. "A love for celebrity is very empty. There are all these people talking about Paris Hilton, and there is really nothing going on there. She's not really doing anything — it is fake celebrity. But people want that and people strive for that, and I've never wanted that.

"I think people misinterpret some things," he continues ranting. "My being in Cold Mountain was because of how much I love American Southern vocal music. It wasn't a step in the direction towards fame and celebrity."

So why did the Whites sign up for Jarmusch's compilation of short films about people smoking and imbibing caffeinated beverages? Apparently, it was due to their mutual appreciation of Tesla — we're talking about the scientific inventor Nikola, not the early '90s hair band. FYI: Tesla first conceived radio, the steam turbine and AC electrical power, among other technological marvels.

"When I first met Jim, he had a big book about Tesla on his desk," White enthuses. "I [told him] how much of an admirer of Tesla I was. We were going to make a video [about Tesla] for our last album. It didn't work out; it got too expensive. Then, Jim wanted us to do this little film all about the Tesla coil. I was so excited because I knew it would be interesting. [Meg and I] wanted to do something creative with Jim, and also to bring people more knowledge of someone who is really underrated and misunderstood."