Hey, do you know the name of the Stranger Things character who has psychokinetic powers and loves Eggo waffles? Oh you DO? Yeah, I guess you do.

Netflix's megahit about a bunch of kids who play Dungeons & Dragons and sometimes fight monsters from another dimension is one of the most talked-about shows, but how well do you know it? We have plenty of brain-stumpers in store in our Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz to separate the true fans from the poseurs.

FULL RANKING: The Best 100 Shows Right Now

We've put this together in celebration of our 100 Best Shows Right Now ranking, in which Stranger Things is made the Top 10. To find out exactly where it placed and which show was named No. 1, click on over and say goodbye to the next 45 minutes. But before you do that, take the Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz and see if you can get a perfect 11 out of 11.

Stranger Things Season 3 is expected in summer 2019. You can see our full ranking of the 100 Best Shows Right Now in the gallery below.