In the year that Hawkins, Indiana revealed its insidious underbelly, a lot has changed. Will is alive (kinda)! Hopper is the new Papa (maybe)! Team Jonathan might actually have a chance (I hope not)!

Don't worry — most of your Stranger Things favorites will be back (R.I.P. Barb), but Season 2 features seven new characters, ranging from literal newbies in town to an ol' pal reconnecting with — and romancing — our queen Winona Ryder. Between a Danish newcomer with only a guest-star credit to her name, a former Power Ranger and '80s icon Sean Astin, this new batch of actors is sure to give Season 2 an extra oompf. (Here's hoping for some meta Goonies jokes.)

Get to know the new stars and characters below, and solve at least this part of the mystery early.

Season 2 of Stranger Things drops Friday on Netflix.