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Netflix Is Releasing Stranger Things Blooper Reels Because Netflix Loves Us

Happy Stranger Things Day!

Kaitlin Thomas

The holidays have come early for Stranger Things fans: Netflix is dropping three separate blooper reels, one for each season of the popular supernatural show so far, in honor of Stranger Things Day. And if right now you're saying to yourself, "What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is Stranger Things Day?" well obviously Nov. 6, 1983, is the day that started it all -- the day that Hawkins, Indiana, turned... upside down. So yeah, why not celebrate this momentous occasion with a little bit of fun and games and flubbed lines?

The first blooper reel, released Wednesday morning on YouTube and the show's social media platforms, is for the third season, which introduced us to the Starcourt Mall, saw Billy (Dacre Montgomery) become a puppet for the Mind Flayer before ultimately sacrificing himself, and Hopper (David Harbour) either die or travel through time and/or space. It was a pretty fun season that ultimately went out on a bit of a somber note, so it's nice to see everyone involved having fun behind the scenes. And yes, before you ask, there's a nice bit of Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery in the gag reel, including one bit that reveals Matarazzo definitely fit in that air vent.

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The second blooper reel is from Stranger Things 2, and if Shirtless Billy was the scariest monster of that season, that's certainly not the case here. Warning: This video is full of dancing and a number of cast members apparently breaking things.

And lastly, the final blooper reel is from the show's first season, because that is the only season left. Everyone looks so young in it -- weird how time does that to people? -- and if you watch the three blooper reels in the order we've published them here, it looks like everyone is aging in reverse.

Anyway, if you were scared of the Demogorgon during that first season, you probably won't be after this. That's all we'll say.

Stranger Things Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix.

​Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo, Stranger Things

Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo, Stranger Things