The details of Stranger Things Season 2 might as well be locked away in the Upside-Down for all that we know about the upcoming season of Netflix's hit series. We did, however, get David Harbour to open up about what's to come for Chief Hopper now that he's proven himself the town hero.

"When someone becomes a hero or does something heroic after they've had a tragedy, they sort of have a rebirth or like a reawakening, which [Hopper] has at the end of Season 1," Harbour told at a recent For Your Consideration event for the series in Los Angeles. "What we started to toy with is the idea of is there a delusion to that? Does it start to create forms of control in your life or wanting to create fantasy versions of yourself? It makes for a very interesting arc that's very different from Season 1."

We're not sure we want to see Hopper high on his own heroism, but it wouldn't exactly be out of character. Here's hoping his "delusions" only enhance his already lovable character.

Stranger Things Season 2 drops Friday, Oct. 27 on Netflix.