Hello friends, there's a new hottie in town and his name is Dacre Montgomery.

You might know him better from your all-weekend binge of Stranger Things Season 2 as Billy — the rough and tumble new guy with a fluffy mullet and unbuttoned shirt. He strolled into Hawkins, Ind. with his cool car, a pack of cigarettes and a bad attitude and even though he was kind of jerk, you have to agree with Mrs. Wheeler (Cara Buono) — Billy's pretty hot.

Luckily, for everyone with eyes, Montgomery is even more attractive without the mullet.


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You're welcome.

The 23-year old Australian actor looks familiar though, right? That's because Montgomery starred in the 2017 Power Rangers film reboot as Jason. He's the new Red Ranger, you guys (and he was really good in the film in case you were one of the millions of people that didn't see it).

Side note: Unfortunately, it seems that Power Rangers parent company Saban decided not to renew the trademark to the movie logo, which means a sequel to the delightful film probably isn't happening so we'll never know if Jason wins in a face-off against Tommy for Kimberly's heart or how Krispy Kreme will fit into the second film. We've failed you Dacre.

It's alright though, because there's a few other ways for you take in Montgomery's natural beauty. He was also in the 2016 horror movie Better Watch Out and this year's comedy A Few Less Men.

If that's not enough, it's always worth taking a second stroll through Strangers Things Season 2, now streaming on Netflix, or just following his amazing Instagram account.