One day before Stranger Things 2 premieres, Netflix has announced that the sci-fi hit will be accompanied by a Talking Dead-style aftershow called Beyond Stranger Things, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The talk show, which premieres Friday, Oct. 27, is hosted by actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter Jim Rash and will feature appearances from the cast and crew as they tell behind-the-scenes stories and decode the mythology.

Beyond Stranger Things — which, unlike most aftershows, is not live — will autoplay after a viewer finishes the final episode of Stranger Things 2. Netflix is advising fans to not watch it until they've seen the whole season, because it's full of spoilers. The season is nine episodes, but Beyond Stranger Things will only be seven episodes.

The show is produced by Embassy Row, which also produces The Walking Dead's aftershow Talking Dead, which is the only unqualified success in the aftershow genre. Many other shows, including Star Trek: Discovery, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot and Nashville have all experimented with aftershows. This is the first aftershow that has ever been done for a show designed to be binge-watched, so we're in uncharted territory here. There's no guarantee Beyond Stranger Things will be successful, but Stranger Things surprised us last year, so we'll see.

Check out the sneak peek opening of the first episode, which features a cool remix of the Stranger Things theme song.