Wedding planning is stressful under the best of circumstances. Wedding planning when your families hate each other, you and your future spouse hate each other, and your secret lover is trying to keep your city from being swallowed by foreign enemies is next level ridiculous.

That's exactly where Rosaline (Lashana Lynch) finds herself in this exclusive clip of Monday's episode of Still Star-Crossed. Her secret boo Prince Escalus (Sterling Sulieman) invites the great families of Verona — including the Montagues and Capulets — to dinner in hopes of bringing everyone together to help fortify the fair city against the increasing forces of Florence, Venice and others.

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Of course, even the impending wedding of Rosaline and Benvolio (Wade Briggs) isn't enough to make these families capable of sitting through a dinner without being at each other's throats. Montague (Grant Bowler) throws the first stone by suggesting the wedding take place in the Capulet cathedral once it's completed. From the look on Lord Capulet's (Anthony Head) face, there is something disastrous going on with the cathedral and he wants to avoid that plan.

It's only a few dirty looks and one snarky comment from there before the Montagues and Capulets return to their quarreling ways and Prince Escalus looks ready to throw in the towel on this whole ruling Verona thing. It's clear neither Montague or Capulet are willing to concede to each other, but will they take down all of Verona before they see the value in working together?

Still Star-Crossed continues Monday at 10/9c on ABC.