Wilsons Phillips: Still Holding On Wilsons Phillips: Still Holding On

On Sunday's series premiere of the new Wilson Phillips reality show Still Holding On, Carnie Wilson, her sister Wendy, and their bandmate Chynna Phillips began to strategize their big comeback tour, starting with a show in New Orleans. But all doesn't go according to plan.

Carnie, who has publicly struggled with her weight for years, tells Wendy and Chynna that she'll be undergoing a second weight-loss surgery just three weeks before the band's first performance. Upon hearing the news, Chynna and Wendy are floored they weren't informed sooner.  "Why are you springing this on us today?" Chynna asks. "I guess I'm just a little taken aback, because usually you're the one who is so anal about the schedule."

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Despite her bandmates' hesitations, Carnie goes through with the procedure. Carnie's recovery process includes lots of rest, vitamins, liquids and... "All I'm doing is burping and farting. Never more in my entire life, honey!" Carnie says to her husband, Rob. "Seriously. I texted my doctor, 'What the f--- is goin' on?' God help Rob's nose!"

With 17 days left until the concert, Wendy and Chynna continue studio rehearsals without their third member, unsure of whether or not they'll have to cancel their kickoff concert. "It's just not the same without Carnie," Chynna says. "I mean, it's impossible to rehearse without her." Adds Wendy:  "She's our rock, she's the base — I guess we'll just do what we can."

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The ladies decide to visit Carnie to see if she'll be ready for the performance. They're shocked at how much weight she's seemingly lost just two weeks after the surgery.  "When I saw Carnie after the surgery it was very disconcerting," Chynna said. "I'm extremely worried about her and being ready for the tour. I don't know what to make of it."Ultimately, Chynna and Wendy put Carnie on the spot and ask about the New Orleans show. "I'm not happy about it," Carnie says. "But... I don't think so you guys." Chynna and Wendy's disappointment is palpable. "When she finally canceled the show, it was kind of a letdown," says Wendy.What's going to happen with the tour? Will Wendy and Chynna get over their initial anger about having to cancel the show? Tune in next week to find out!Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On airs Sundays at 9/8c on TVGuide Network.