It's no secret that Cartoon Network's Steven Universe has become something of a beacon of acceptance and positivity for fans — from its careful representation of gender identities (and its creator Rebecca Sugar's recent decision to go public with her own non-binary status) to its smart exploration of body issues and community, the show manages to squeeze a lot of social statements into its simple story of a boy helping some aliens protect themselves from each other.

So, it's quite fitting that personal care products company Dove would tap the series' eponymous star and the Crystal Gems for this adorable music video built to promote its long-lived Self-Esteem Project.

In "We Deserve to Shine," the gang sings about self worth, with lyrics like, "We're gritty and tough! We're smooth and refined, and We deserve to shine!" Even with the soap sales pitch undertone, the message is still quite on-brand for Steven, Connie, Amethyst, Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire.

Who better than the Gems to remind us to shine?