Steve McQueen, John Ridley Steve McQueen, John Ridley

The creative team behind 12 Years a Slave had plenty of reasons to celebrate at Sunday's Oscars, including the film taking home Best Supporting Actress for Lupita Nyong'o, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. But it wasn't all smiles for director Steve McQueen and writer John Ridley, who are reportedly feuding with each other.

The beef started when McQueen asked Ridley if he could have a shared screenplay credit on the movie, and Ridley refused, according to TheWrap. Ridley raised eyebrows at the Academy Awards on Sunday when he snubbed McQueen on his way to the stage to accept the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, and neglected to thank McQueen in his speech.

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Here's McQueen's reaction:


When McQueen spoke to accept the award for Best Picture, he in turn left Ridley out of his remarks.

Tension is so bad between the two that McQueen insisted that he and Ridley be seated separately at some awards shows, including the BAFTAs, where McQueen also allegedly berated Ridley's wife, according to TheWrap.

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Others affiliated with the movie tried to keep the feud quiet during awards season, with producer Brad Pitt even intervening at one point to try to smooth things over between McQueen and Ridley.

Ridley was involved in a similar feud with director David O. Russell, after Ridley was only given a "story by" credit on the screenplay for Three Kings. However, Ridley stopped to give Russell a hug on his way to the stage Sunday night — after bypassing McQueen.