Steve Harvey has seen Kenan Thompson's impression of him on Saturday Night Live, and he definitely has some thoughts on the comedian's interpretation of him.

"Oh, I've seen it," Harvey tells TV Guide in the video above."I just look at it like this: you gotta be famous to get hit."

But how do you really feel, Steve? "I can't read that well, but I can read better than Kenan can," Harvey says, before sharing a few more choice thoughts on Thompson's impression. "I really don't have 50 buttons on any of my suits. Ten years ago I did, but not anymore. And I can't pronounce words that have four syllables, so he's right."

Even though Harvey doesn't completely agree with Thompson's impression, there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between the two comedians. At least not entirely.

"I actually had him on my talk show and he was scared to come around the corner. I said, 'Ladies and gentlemen, Kenan Thompson!' He wouldn't even come around the corner 'cause I told him I was gonna knock his ass out as soon as I saw him," jokes Harvey.

Harvey's new daytime show Steve premieres Tuesday, Sept 5 in syndication.