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Comedian Steve Harvey gives us the scoop on hosting Family Feud, his favorite game shows and how he thinks his own family would have done on the show.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you watch Family Feud before you started hosting?
Harvey: I mean, 30 years ago. I just thought Richard Dawson was the best — very quick and sharp-tongued, but he was generally nice to people, too.

TV Guide Magazine: What was your favorite game show?
Harvey: I know this is going to sound hokey, but I really did love Family Feud. I loved The Price Is Right, Concentration and The $10,000 Pyramid. I only get three answers right on Jeopardy!, though.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the secret to being a good host?
Harvey: You have to be gracious to the contestants. That's ultimately what it's about.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the appeal of Family Feud?
Harvey: The everyday guy can fulfill a dream of being on TV, get his family name up in lights, meet a host that might be famous enough, and on top of all that, walk out with a nice lump sum of cash.

TV Guide Magazine: How would your family have fared on the show?
Harvey: Horrible. My mother would have been a good player, but my father would have been a disaster. His answers would be so obscure.

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