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Trump Aide Forcefully Escorted Out of CNN After Contentious Interview

Stephen Miller refused to leave after CNN anchor Jake Tapper cut him off

Tim Surette

The political circus continues, and the most recent main event unfolded on CNN on Sunday.

Donald Trump lackey Stephen Miller got into a heated exchange with CNN anchor Jake Tapper this weekend, and after Tapper cut the interview short, CNN says Miller had to be escorted off the set "after refusing to leave voluntarily," CBS News reports.

Miller was on State of the Union, hosted by Tapper, when the interview ventured toward Trump's recent tweet about his mental stability, a tweet most likely inspired by the recent release of the Michael Wolff tell-all White House book Fire and Fury.

After Tapper asked Miller if Trump's tweet helps or hurts his cause, Miller went off about CNN's validity as a legitimate news network, saying that CNN has created a "toxic environment" and continued to deliver "fake news." Miller then tried to energize Trump's base by saying Trump "tapped into something magical that is happening in the hearts of this country," to which Tapper replied, "The president has an approval rating in the 30s." Miller went on to say CNN ignored people whose manufacturing jobs have gone, whose lives were affected by immigration and other Trumpian talking points.

Stephen Miller
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Voices were raised, the two talked over each other and Tapper cut the interview short after saying Miller was not answering the questions that Tapper was asking, instead using the airtime to filibuster "the real experience of Donald Trump," as Miller said.

"There's one viewer you care about right now," Tapper said, "and you're being obsequious and a fact totem and I think I've wasted enough of my viewers' time." Tapper then continued his broadcast while Miller continued to talk before his mic was cut.

CNN confirmed to CBS News that Miller was escorted off the set following the interview. But it sounds like he pleased that "one viewer" Tapper was talking about.

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