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Stephen Colbert Clarifies That Russian "Running for President" Interview

He needs the Kushner to his Trump first

Liam Mathews

Stephen Colbert returned from Russia for a new Late Show where he explained his potential presidential aspirations. While appearing on a Russian talk show last week, Colbert announced that he was "considering" a presidential run in 2020, and asked the Russians for help getting him elected. During Monday's Late Show, he clarified what he meant...sort of.

"To be clear, all I said in the clip there is that I was considering a run," he said. "If I decide to run, obviously I'm not going to ask the Russians to help my campaign. I'd have my son-in-law ask them."

Boom, Jared Kushner's roasted.

Colbert also talked a lot during the show about the "goons" openly surveilling him during his visit, opening his monologue by explaining that, in case you didn't know, he had been in Russia. But, Colbert continued, "You know who did know I was in Russia? Russian intelligence. Hardcore fans, evidently. Followed me everywhere. Also got some attention from American intelligence. Couple guys seemed to pop up everywhere we went. But it's important, keep your eye on a comedian while he's in Russia doing jokes. I could be giving state secrets to the Russians. Oh wait, someone's already got that covered."

There's going to be a Russia week on the Late Show in the near future where Colbert plays the segments he shot while traveling around. In the meantime, he may not want to use any phones or eat any soup he didn't prepare himself.

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