Stephen Colbert and David Letterman Stephen Colbert and David Letterman

What are we going to do?!

Stephen Colbert will step down from his Comedy Central show next Thursday, Dec. 18, but it will be quite awhile before he re-emerges at his new gig on CBS.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Colbert won't take over the Late Show desk until late August or early September. That's a good eight months with no Colbert on the small screen. [Insert all the sad emojis here.]

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The long break allows Colbert time to create a show and a new persona different from his Colbert Report character. After all, he's been busy recently interviewing the President and, more importantly, is the creator of the highly addictive "Serial" podcast. This time will also be used to hire writers and a production staff, as well as building a new set in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

According to the newspaper, Colbert's starting date will officially be announced in January.

CBS just revealed that David Letterman will exit the Late Show on May 20, 2015.

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