On Monday's Late Show, host Stephen Colbert waded into the controversy (or non-controversy) around Kanye West's music video for his song "Famous," which depicts celebrities including Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, as well as West and his wife Kim Kardashian, lying naked in a bed together. Response from the celebrities actually depicted in the video has been muted, prompting West to tweet, "Can somebody sue me already?"

Colbert is happy to oblige — he's planning to sue West for cutting him out of the video, he jokes. He then shows the supposed deleted scene: The camera pans along the sleeping figures until it reaches the Late Show host. He's lying awake next to George W. Bush with a snore strip over his nose.

Stephen Colbert, <em>The Late Show</em>Stephen Colbert, The Late Show

"We just had sex," he gloats. "All of us. At the same time. I wish you could smell it in here. It's like a cage at a zoo."

It's actually not as gross it sounds. Check it out above.

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