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Stephen Colbert Brings the "Hungry for Power Games" to the DNC

The DNC was not in the mood for hijinks

Liam Mathews

Stephen Colbert brought his "Hungry for Power Games" bit to the Democratic National Convention for Monday's Late Show. The host dressed up in a blue wig and carried his stuffed weasel Caligula in character as Julius Flickerman, a Stanley Tucci-in-The Hunger Games-inspired creepazoid first introduced during the Republican National Convention.

Flickerman was determined to get to the podium where Hillary Clinton will receive the nomination, but security wouldn't let him. They were not even a little entertained by Flickerman's pleas to let his weasel visit the podium. They wouldn't acquiesce even when he called in a favor from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. You would think that Democrats would trust Stephen Colbert a little more, but no one even cracked a smile like, "Sorry, Stephen, we just can't do it." To be fair, the Democratic National Committee was having a really bad day when Colbert taped this bit Sunday. They just were not in the mood.

The Late Show will be live at 11:35 p.m. EST every night after the convention this week.

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