Stephen Colbert set up a special Trump Phone - complete with accompanying hair piece - to grill Donald Trump about the presidential candidate's "potty mouth" on Tuesday'sLate Show.

"I can think off the top of my head three things that you have said on-air, that — this is true - CBS won't let me repeat or they would have to bleep them," Colbert said. "How are you going to stop?"

"Well, it's easy, I've decided to stop," Trump said. "I do that for emphasis, and I do that sometimes non-politically. And once I decided to run for office I sort of said, 'Well, I'll have to stop.'"

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When Colbert called Trump out for continuing to swear even after he began his presidential campaign, Trump explained that the curse words he uses now aren't as bad as the ones he used to use. "These are very minor words, and in many cases I actually bleep them out myself. I never said the words and then they'll bleep it and people will think I said the words, which is a little deceptive, but that's okay."

"I've got a suggestion," Colbert said. "Why don't you have a swear jar, and every time you say a bad word, you put $1 billion it it?"

Watch the full interview below.