Stephen Colbert kicked of Thursday's The Late Show with a strong and clear message to Donald Trump.

The comedian used animated bathroom signs to portray his feelings on the president's decision to revoke the federal protections that let transgender students use restrooms and other facilities that match their gender identity. In the cold open, the male and female figures on individual bathroom signs come together to form a gender-inclusive bathroom sign, before swapping clothes and giving POTUS two defiant middle fingers each.

Colbert further commented on the White House rolling back on transgender rights in his opening monologue. "We should've seen this coming," he explained, "because if there's one thing Trump is famous for, it's telling people where to pee," referring to the infamous Russian dossier that claims Trump hired sex workers to perform a urination show in front of him.

The host pointed out the inconsistencies between this act and Trump's statements on the campaign trail, in which he said he was fine with transgender people using whatever bathroom they choose. "Which is good, because I'm guessing right now a lot of trans people would love to take a dump in Trump's lobby," Colbert joked.

Colbert also went in on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's defense of the decision, claiming it wasn't about persecuting a group of people but that it was simply "a states' rights issue."

"Oh, grow a pair. Is there a more cowardly phrase than 'This is a states' rights issue'?" Colbert asked. "'Honey, do you like my new haircut?' 'Uh, I'm gonna leave that decision up to the states.'"

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