The #MeToo moment earned a great distinction yesterday, as Time magazine named "the Silence-Breakers," the people who've spoken out this year about their experiences with sexual harassment and assault, its collective Persons of the Year. While The Late Show host Stephen Colbert noted that "it's about damn time" that people started believing allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, he did note the interesting timing of the Democratic blowback against Sen. Al Franken.

Yesterday, after a woman came forward to accuse Franken of trying to forcibly kiss her, a cascade of Franken's fellow Democrats began calling for his resignation — and earned some pointed side eye from Colbert, who called the latest in a slew of troubling accusations against the Minnesota senator "the straw that groped the camel's back."

After mocking Franken's alleged assertion that kissing whomever he wants is his "right as an entertainer" ("No it isn't!" Colbert joked, yanking an "Entertainer's Bill of Rights" pamphlet out of his pocket), the host performed an auctioneer-style rundown of the calls for Franken to resign before nailing the punchline, a pointed reference to accused child molester and somehow-still-congressional-contender Roy Moore: "Sold — to make room for the gentleman from Alabama!"