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Everything You Need to Know Before the Station 19 Midseason Premiere

Did Andy and Sullivan survive the crash?

Megan Vick

It's been a hot minute since we've seen the firefighters of Station 19. In fact, the last time we saw them, they were dealing with the repercussions of a deadly windstorm that swept through Seattle, bringing out tensions and secrets, and putting more than one of the Station 19 crew in mortal danger.

To get you ready for the midseason premiere, which kicks off Thursday, March 7 at 9/8c, TV Guide is helping you remember where we left off in in the show's major storylines as well as teasing, with a little help from the show's cast and executive producer Paris Barclay, where the show is heading for the second half of the season. We don't have any dead bodies yet, but we can tell you that not everything is OK on the firehouse's side of Seattle, and it'll be an emotional journey for everyone to the end of the season.

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Andy and Sullivan in the aid car
Where We Left Off: Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) were called out of the station for an emergency in the fall finale, but they got stuck without backup after rescuing their victim who was stranded after a hit-and-run. Their choices were to either sit and wait for the storm to clear up so they could get help, or take a risk driving to the hospital in the aid car themselves. With their patient in critical condition, they decided to make a break for the hospital, but the closing sequence of the fall finale revealed that the aid car had flipped over a ravine, likely with Andy, Sullivan and their patient still inside. There were no signs about whether anyone survived.

What You Need to Know: You can't kill off your main character in the second season of a show, right? Hold on to that, because even if Andy and Sullivan aren't dead, the prognosis for their recovery isn't good.

"I can tell you my reaction when I read the script, which was, 'Oh, this is going to be much worst than I thought it was going to be,'" Barclay teases. "I'm a viewer too who thought it was going to be OK. I thought there would be just a couple of bumps and scrapes and everything would be fine, but that is not the case. It is a lot darker and in some ways sadder what happens in that aid car than people are expecting. So get ready."


Grey Damon, Station 19

Grey Damon, Station 19

Mitch Haaseth, ABC

Jack's PTSD
Where We Left Off:
Jack's (Grey Damon) PTSD as a result of the skyscraper fire in Season 1 came to a head at the station's Thanksgiving dinner when he threw Ryan's (Alberto Frezza) dad (Dermot Mulroney) into a wall. While a few members of the team had noticed that Jack had been off, Herrera (Miguel Sandoval) was the one to see it this time and you can bet he's not going to allow Jack to keep suffering, especially when it puts civilian lives at risk.

What You Need to Know: Jack is going to be forced to go to treatment, according to Barclay, who expressed that Jack's recovery is a storyline that's very important to the writing team as it is showing what firefighters and other servicemen go through after these types of traumatic events. Of course, Jack isn't going to go willingly and his support system isn't going to be what you expect. In fact, his best friend isn't going to know what to do at all.

"I think the narrative with Dean when we come back is how hard it is sometimes to be there for your friends, and that's something that everyone can relate to," teased Okieriete Onaodowan, who plays Jack's BFF Dean Miller on the show. "Not all the time you have the answers and sometimes you just try your best. I think that's what we're going to explore... the ways you show up, and sometimes the way you fail."

Even if Dean is going to struggle stepping up to the plate for his friend, there will be someone else who is there for Jack to make sure he gets the help he needs.

"Maya really feels what Jack is going through. She sees it. She reacts to it. She really wants to be there for it," Danielle Savre said. "For her, the fire station is like a family more than her real family. For her to see someone going through that, it means a lot to her. Watching Jack go through his PTSD, how he gets through it, and what he does to get through it and how quickly he comes back from the situation is going to have a huge effect on Maya. I think you're going to be very shocked at what comes from that."

Well that sounds like we need to keep an eye out for a romantic spark between Maya and Jack on the horizon, just saying.

Maya's Promotion
Where We Left Off: Right after Andy and Sullivan were sent out for their call, Maya got the news that she had officially been promoted to lieutenant. The problem is that there are already two lieutenants at Station 19, so she'll be heading over to Station 23 to take the position... or so we think.

What You Need to Know: Savre was vague about Maya's professional future on the show, but did make some valid points when she told us, "The question is how long might I be going to another station for. Will you see me at the other station? Those are probably the questions you're asking."

Fact: Those were actually the questions we were asking and Savre pointing that out indicates that Maya's leave of absence from the station, if we even see it on-screen, will not be a permanent one. That makes a lot of sense considering we don't know if Andy will be able to return back to work immediately after her crash either.

Station 19's Boss Teases Who Will Survive That Midseason Finale Cliffhanger

Vic's Affair with the Chief
Where We Left Off:
Vic (Barrett Doss) got her groove back in Season 2 of Station 19 after conquering her fear of fire in Season 1. In fact, baby girl is hitting it out of the park... with the Seattle fire chief. Vic and her boss' boss' boss took a tumble in the sheets right before the fall finale, and it really looked like they were into each other before the windstorm blew up everyone's drama.

What You Need to Know: "[We'll see] how is Vic going to deal with her relationships with her friends [and] her co-workers when we know she's not good at keeping secrets," Doss said. "[The chief] doesn't seem like he's too great at keeping secrets and now we are embroiled in this situation that we are going to have to either find our way out of or really dig into."

At this point, Jack is the only person who knows about the affair and, as we mentioned, he's not the most stable person at the firehouse. That's also going to be weighing on Vic's mind in the second half of the season.

"It causes a lot of stress. I think she's very concerned not only about her own ability to keep this secret, but [Jack]'s too and if that's going to change the way her friends see her," Doss said. "If, or as, people start finding out, how are we going to deal with it and does it make Vic the First Lady of the fire department?"

Honestly, that'd be a good look for her.

Station 19 returns Thursday, March 7 at 9/8c on ABC.