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Star's Shocking Season 3 Finale Was an Absolute Bloodbath

Let the bodies hit the floor

Keisha Hatchett

[Warning, this post contains spoilers for Star's Season 3 finale. Read at your own risk.]

Are you still breathing? Star channeled its innerGame of Thrones and delivered a shocking finale by killing off one major character while leaving several other lives hanging in the balance.

The heart-stopping episode, titled "When the Levee Breaks," saw Miss Ruby (Juanita Jennings) share a special moment with her grandson Derek (Quincy Brown) before engaging in a tense standoff with the associates of her dead rapist. Upset that her snitching got their buddy killed, the gangsters brandished their guns, but Miss Ruby wasn't about to show them any signs of weakness. Bravely reciting Psalm 23, Ruby ended her prayer by yelling at her assailants, "If you're gonna shoot, bitch, do it!" So they did. The loss of Miss Ruby is devastating, but she went out the only way she knew how: in a blaze of glory. Pour one out for a true legend.

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Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of the bloodshed. Derek and Alex's (Ryan Destiny) big day was supposed to be a time of celebration and absolute joy, but their special moment was ruined by the appearance of an unhinged Olivia (Kayla Smith), who interrupted the wedding toasts to brag about hooking up with the groom. The night before, a blindfolded and passed out Derek didn't realize the woman on top of him was not his fiancée but the villainous troublemaker. After Alex subdued her with a monstrous right hook, though, it seemed the party would continue peacefully.

However, the party quickly devolved into a real Red Wedding. Bankhead gang members infiltrated the intimate event and opened fired on the unsuspecting guests, leaving a sea of bodies in their wake. Several were shot, including Carlotta's (Queen Latifah) sister Cassie (Brandy), who used her body as a shield, and Angel (Evan Ross), who took several bullets to the chest. Mateo (William Levy) was also seen unconscious and bleeding out on the floor, his fate unknown, much like the others.

In the midst of the chaos, a shaken up Star (Jude Demorest) and Noah (Luke James) -- who were not harmed -- decided to drop their feud and raise their son together. Rushing back home to be with him, they quickly realized that he'd been kidnapped. Wait, what?

Star has yet to be renewed for Season 4, but with so many questions left hanging, let's hope this wild show gets the chance to answer them.

Queen Latifah, Star

Queen Latifah, Star

Wilford Harewood/FOX