Stargate Atlantis
Does any actor have more fun with a role than David Hewlett? This week an injection of the Wraith enzyme turned McKay into the Neurotic with the Golden Arm. Determined to get a hold of the crystals to access the Stargate (and get reinforcements to rescue Sheppard and Co.), McKay shoots the enzyme into his arm and turns into Superwhiner, tossing aside the meatheads Ford assigned to guard him with the greatest of ease ("That's what happens when you back a brilliant scientist into a corner!"). Of course, highs must come down, and Big Rodney is in for a mighty fall when he enters withdrawal. Delirious with paranoia, he accuses Beckett of being jealous of his genius and demands that everyone stop whispering so loudly. "I feel not unlike the priest in the

Exorcist," the Scottish doc tells Weir. Back aboard the Hive ship, this sharp-eyed viewer couldn't help but notice that many of the Wraiths had dreads, though none looked anywhere near as cool as Ronon. Despite this and a minor subplot involving a planted prisoner, Sheppard's efforts to escape the Wraith vessels weren't nearly as compelling as McKay's jonesing. Still, one can hardly gripe about a story that ends with two Hive ships blowing each other to bits.