Star Trek Enterprise Star Trek Enterprise

They boldly went into space a century before Captain James T. Kirk. Now the intrepid crew members of Star Trek: Enterprise are continuing their voyage into the universe of high def. Star Trek: Enterprise — Season 3 makes its Blu-ray debut Tuesday, Jan. 7 with a six-disc set that includes all 24 episodes, plus cast and crew commentaries, deleted scenes, archival mission logs and the all-new featurette "Temporal Cold War: Declassified."

Also new is the three-part documentary, "In a Time of War," which reflects on the global power of Gene Roddenberry's vision and takes fans behind the scenes of Season 3's popular Xindi story arc, the first year-long plot in Trek history. Check out this exclusive TV Guide Magazine clip, featuring Scott Bakula — a.k.a. Captain Jonathan Archer.

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