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Star Trek: Discovery: Is [Spoiler] Headed to Michelle Yeoh's Section 31 Spin-Off?

Here's what happened on Qo'noS

Keisha Hatchett

At long last, the Klingons are back on Star Trek: Discovery! Thursday's episode offered up an intimate look at the complicated dynamics of the homogenous society during a time of peace while also giving us our first look at Georgiou's (Michelle Yeoh) secretive Section 31 crew.

"Point of Light" found L'Rell (Mary Chieffo) attacked on all fronts as the Klingons rejected her leadership due to her gender and her choice to have Tyler (Shazad Latif) serve as her right-hand man. Despite identifying as Klingon Tyler was not accepted because he looked human, and their animosity toward him put L'Rell in a difficult position. Even worse, she was forced to accept that Tyler's feelings did not reflect her own. Addressing the lingering issue of whether or not their relationship was consensual in Season 1 -- he did not have his Voq memories when they were last intimate -- the episode revealed that a part of Tyler still felt violated by her touch. That realization put an end to their current relationship.

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"What I appreciated in that scene is them finally getting to talk about things they didn't get the opportunity to. Once she really realizes that the affection is not there in the way that it was between her and Voq, she had to respect that. And it's painful and it's heartbreaking but it's something that she has to do," Mary Chieffo told TV Guide.

However, L'Rell and Tyler had one more thing to hash out. In a shocking moment, Tyler finds out that L'Rell and Voq had conceived a child during the War. Since L'Rell was needed for an important mission, the baby gestated out of utero and was kept a secret from everyone except close members of her family. The bombshell news took Tyler by surprise, but before he could fully process it, their secret was exposed. A rival house kidnapped their infant son and they soon found themselves moments away from being killed. But just before L'Rell and Tyler could be executed, Georgiou swooped in to save the day!

It turns out the Section 31 operative is interested in keeping L'Rell in power. Unfortunately, being chancellor meant giving up both Tyler and her young son. Striking an agreement, L'Rell faked their deaths and claimed her rightful spot as the Klingon leader. Instead of calling her chancellor however, she encouraged them to refer to her as "Mother," a moment akin to Queen Elizabeth I establishing herself as the Virgin Queen. But her troubles are only just beginning. Her efforts to unite the empire will be marred by insurgents who refuse to be led by a woman.

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"It's very clear that there are Klingons with very strong, misogynist prejudices, and she cannot defeat that in one fell swoop. Her goal is about what she can do to bring everyone together. The hope is that if we can unify these Klingons, they will become a better culture. That unification will strengthen us," said Cheiffo.

Meanwhile, it looks like Tyler has joined Section 31. Unable to return home to Qo'noS or the USS Discovery, Tyler boarded Georgiou's ship to safely send his son away for good. But his situation is precarious given that he essentially fits in nowhere. Section 31 offers his best option since they don't really care who he is, only that he's good at his job. Whether or not that means he's headed to Georgiou's spin-off remains to be seen. Details about the potential series remain scarce, but if there was ever a perfect candidate to join her, it's him.

Star Trek: Discovery airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 on CBS All Access.

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