(Warning: This post contains spoilers from Season 4, Episode 18 of Star titled "Thirty Days to Famous." Read at your own risk.)

Just when you thought Star couldn't get any more outrageous, Wednesday's wild finale upped the ante with dramatic fist fights, an accidental shooting and a tense showdown between Carlotta (Queen Latifah) and her sister Cassie (Brandy) that may or may not have ended with another death.

The high-octane hour kicked off with Take 3 celebrating their new gig as the opening act on Noah's national tour with Gigi (Keke Palmer). But the festivities were cut short when Star's (Jude Demorest) diss track against the other members of the group hit the airwaves, catching everyone off-guard. To be fair, she never intended for it to be released and only recorded it out of anger when she thought the group was done. But alas, Alex (Ryan Destiny) had no time for Star's measly explanations and the two were soon slugging it out like heavyweight champions.

With dissension brewing, the group's split seems inevitable now more than ever. Especially since they were booted from the tour when Star and Alex again came to blows — this time on stage during the first stop after the crowd demanded Star perform her single. But Star's solo track has been catching fire, ensuring that she gets to remain on the tour without her bandmates. Could this be the end of Take 3 as we know it?

Meanwhile, Noah's (Luke James) drug addiction has really started to affect his career. The singer barely made it through his first performance on the national tour and was visibly out of it, forcing Star to step in and verbally check him backstage. Her words must have cut deep because he was last seen standing on a ledge contemplating suicide. Alex may have bailed him out of a DUI before but even she's too preoccupied to rescue him a second time. Things are not looking well for the R&B singer.

But Noah's fate wasn't the only thing left hanging in the balance during the finale. Andy, who still owes a ton of money to Cassie, tried to steal funds from Ayanna (Michael Michele), who caught him in the act. After a brief struggle, Andy accidentally shot the pregnant Midtown Sound CEO but, thankfully, she'll live. And the ordeal forced Andy to come clean to Carlotta about his debt to her gangster sister that also cost Jahil (Benjamin Bratt) his life. In a fierce showdown straight out of a Clint Eastwood western, Carlotta's confrontation with Cassie ended with both sisters drawing their guns, and then a gunshot as the screen went black. Who actually fired their weapon? And did they hit their target?

With so many questions left unanswered, it's going to be a long hiatus.

Star returns this fall on Fox.

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