Queen Latifah hasn't been seen rapping in what feels like — and may actually be — decades, but the lyricist turned actor turned jazz chanteuse dusts off her emcee skills on Wendesdnay's episode of Fox's music drama STAR.

In one of the show's trademark musical fantasy rides into the subconscious of its characters, Queen, who plays the gospel-singing, gun-packing and wild wig-wearing mother Carlotta, busts out some rhymes in her salon, leading to a dance number in her backyard. This is something you've got to see to believe (and then you still probably won't), and it opens with a gold tooth-wearing Miss Lawrence yanking a wig off a man who then starts twerking and... you know what? Just watch the number, titled "Gooder," for yourself.

STAR airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on FOX.