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We've seen what happens to vampires, werewolves, beasts and demons when they get saucy, so what happens to the aliens on Star-Crossed when they hit the sack? Viewers will find out within the first few minutes of Monday's episode.

"It does involve special effects," star Matt Lanter tells us. "And it has to do with some of the physical traits that they have and what their bodies can do. Hopefully when it comes out [people will think] it's sexy, but I think that fans are going to think it's cool."

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Two episodes in, the CW drama has focused on the power struggles and modern day civil war between the humans and the alien race dubbed Atrians. On the peripheral is a budding love story ala Romeo and Juliet between human Emory (Aimee Teegarden) and alien Roman (Lanter). Although Monday's love scene may or may not be between Roman and Emery — we can't give that one away! —Teegarden did, however, share her own feelings on shooting what are sometimes the sexiest scenes for viewers, but the most awkward for the actor.

"There are like 50 people on set during them so you feel like, 'OK am I turning to the camera this way? Does this look weird? My leg looks really weird. What am I doing with my hands?'" she says. "So all of the sudden you get very self-conscious and it becomes a lot more technical than anything."

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Teegarden, 24, is very well aware of feeling awkward during filming. The actress practically grew up in front of viewers' eyes during the 5-year run of Friday Night Lights. "I would say now I'm more conscious of being onscreen than I was then," she tells us. "High school kids just feel so awkward and go through weird stages and during that time period I went through a ton of weird stages. But Friday Night Lights has given me tools to bring to other projects [like] being more confident as far as a creative voice and being able to speak up. So since Friday Night Lights I've definitely felt more confident."

Watch an exclusive clip from the episode:

Star-Crossed airs Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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