"The things I'll do for free razors!" Stan Lee joked at a recent Gillette / Avengers crossover event.

(The shaving company is putting out razors based on — what else? — superheroes. Despite the Marvel-saturated market, we had really never stopped to think about how the Hulk takes care of stubble.)

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The Postmedia Network was at the event and caught up the 92-year-old comics legend. Here are the top three things we took away:

1) Stan Lee threw shade at DC

"DC, of course, is trying to catch up to Marvel," Lee said. "More power to them. It's good if everybody does well, but they're certainly starting from a ways back."

In his defense, Marvel has had a killer box office record. DC has had lots of luck with the Nolan-helmed Batman franchise, but other attempts at DC characters have been hit-and-miss.

Lee also dissed their superhero repertoire.

"Marvel has so many heroes," Lee said. "DC just has Superman, Batman and maybe Wonder Woman. Perhaps they'll use The Flash. Green Lantern wasn't very successful, but we'll see."

He's a little off the mark there: DC's hero gallery boasts Aquaman, Beast Boy, Brainiac, Green Arrow, the Watchmen, and the extended Batman and Superman universes (Harley Quinn! Supergirl! Riddler!), along with plenty others. You could argue they're less well-known than Marvel's heroes, but think back the pre-Iron Man days — could you have named all the Avengers back then?

2) He wanted to do a Daredevil TV show decades ago

"I wanted to do [Daredevil as a television series] many years ago, but at the time the people who owned [Marvel] were very foolish," Lee said.

"There was a beautiful actress who wanted to play Black Widow alongside Daredevil in the TV show. I forget her name ... but she was gorgeous; you'd know her," he continued. "I came to the person who at the time was the CEO of Marvel and I said, 'We have a chance to do this as a series,' and this idiot said, 'If it bombs, that'll hurt the character.' And I said, 'If that was the case we'd never do anything.'"

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3) A hint of things to come

Toward the end, Lee rattles off a list of what Marvel will work on next.

"After Ant-Man, we're going to start playing around with Doctor Strange, the Black Panther, the Inhumans, and then we have to come back for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Big Hero 6, the Avengers, Captain America," he says.

A few things there: We knew about Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Inhumans (those movies are tentatively coming out in 2016, 2018, and 2019 respectively), but there has been no official announcement regarding a Big Hero 6 sequel. Is a confirmation forthcoming?

Read the full interview here.

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