Stacy Keibler on <EM>George Lopez</EM> Stacy Keibler on George Lopez

With a WWE history and a stage name like "Super Stacy," 5-foot-11 Stacy Keibler certainly knows how to make an entrance that gets fans screaming and captivates admirers. Her long legs — famously 42 inches long — were helpful as she spun her way into the second season of Dancing with the Stars. But with wrasslin' and rumba behind her, Keibler is excited to cozy up to fun, girlie roles, starting with ABC's George Lopez (tonight and Feb. 21, at 8 pm/ET), and then on What About Brian (starting Feb. 12, at 10 pm/ET). sought out Keibler for the scoop on what it was like dating a much older man, hanging out with George Lopez himself and being compared to... Lucille Ball? Since George Lopez is first up, let's talk about your role on that show.
Stacy Keibler:
Lindsay is the fiancée of George's father-in-law, Vic (played by Emiliano Díez). She is young and fun and ditzy, and at first Vic's daughter is like, "What's going on with this girl?" But George thinks Lindsay is nice. Then in my second episode, the tables are reversed and George is like, "I don't know about this girl," and his wife's like, "No, she's sweet, she really loves my father." So George hires the guy from Cheaters [to check up on her]. The real guy from Cheaters?
Keibler: Right. How was it playing opposite "Vic," an older man?
Keibler: It was so silly and we both just had so much fun working with each other. Emiliano is just great. We were touching noses and kissing, and he comes in [wearing] younger-looking clothes.... It's silly. Was it a fun vibe on that set? I can imagine George being very funny off camera.
Keibler: One day we were just sitting around and George was like, "You know what? I'm bored. Who wants a new pair of shoes?" And he sent out the wardrobe lady and she came back with Vans for everyone, and they were all based on our personalities. Mine were plaid. That's the kind of stuff he would do. He's good at keeping everybody on the same level and part of a family. I really felt at home, and I was super-impressed by him. He's a really, really terrific person. After those two episodes, does your story line die out, or will we see you again?
Keibler: Maybe the character will come back in the future.... We'll see what happens. Personally, I am most excited about your What About Brian stint, because I'm a faithful viewer, and it's about time Brian met someone cool! Had you been watching the show before you auditioned?
Keibler: Yes, I was. Your character, Stephanie, moves into Brian's apartment building, and things start heating up?
Keibler: My friend Laura (Jessica Szohr) and I move into the apartment building, and we're young and fun and having parties and drinking. We're the new, hot, fun girls downstairs, which will cause a little bit of trouble between Brian and his girlfriend Bridget (Krista Allen). We're always coming up and walking in the apartment, always around.... I think Bridget refers to us one time as "Lucy and Ethel." [Laughs] What does Stephanie do for a living?
Keibler: She's a model who just did her first movie, so she's just crossing over into the acting business and she's really loving life. She starts to take an interest in Brian, and I think he starts to take an interest in her as well, and there's definitely going to be a little romance between them. Stephanie has a movie premiere, and she asks Brian if he'll go with her. Is Stephanie going to break Brian and Bridget up? A lot of What About Brian fans aren't liking Bridget in Brian's life so much....
Keibler: I think the girls downstairs could be one of the many reasons why they start arguing more, yes. Who else from the cast are you working with?
Keibler: In the very first episode when we move in, I meet Adam (Matthew Davis). Later in the night, we get invited up to Brian's party and we meet everyone. They're like, "Oh, you must be the girls from downstairs.... " How is it working with Barry Watson?
Oh, he's been just wonderful. He's just a sweetheart and he goes out of his way to make sure everyone is having a good time. I'm lucky to be able to work with him. Please tell me he gets a haircut.
Keibler: In my second episode, yes, he cuts his hair, and [Stephanie] likes him all of a sudden! [Laughs] Are you definitely on for only seven episodes?
Keibler: I'm on until the end of the season, and then depending on whether the show comes back.... So you'll be in the season finale?
Keibler: Hopefully! I live downstairs, so I'm not going anywhere! What else do you have coming up?
Keibler: I have a small part in the movie The Comebacks, coming out in August [and starring The Office's David Koechner]. I play the half-time entertainment for the big football game. Aside from that, I'm reading and auditioning for pilots on my days off, which are few and far between — it's a busy season right now. Do you miss the wrestling world at all? That was such a big part of your life.
Keibler: I miss that five seconds of the rush I got when I walked out and the fans went crazy. But as far as the lifestyle — and it's a really tough one — I was there for eight years, so it was time to move on and grow. I needed a new challenge. Would you do Dancing with the Stars again?
Keibler: It would just have to be the right time and place. It was definitely the most stressful time of my life. It led you to good places, though.
Keibler: It did, and I have a lot to thank Dancing with the Stars for. I never thought this would happen while I was doing the show. If I had to go back in time and do the show all over again? Definitely, hands down. But if they were to have an all-star reunion, I'm not so sure I would do it.

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