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Stacey Dash Keeps Talking: "BET Lies to Black People"

The Game actress doubles down on her call to abolish BET

Sadie Gennis

Stacey Dash has doubled down on her controversial call to abolish BET, Black History Month and the NAACP Image Awards.

After BET clap backed to The Gameactress by asking for their check back, Dash responded with some shade of her own. In a blog post titled "How BET Lies to Black People," Dash wrote: "Thank you for reminding me, since most people have never heard of that show. Why? It's on BET."

After slamming BET's programming -- clearly Dash has never watched Being Mary Jane -- Dash attacked BET executive Stephen Hill for his desire to see the Oscar nominees more closely reflect America's diverse population.

Stacey Dash's response to #OscarsSoWhite: Get rid of BET

"Wow. Apparently, Mr. Hill doesn't understand what an Oscar is," Dash wrote. "Oscars are awarded to the actors and actresses who excel... not the audience.

"What's next? Awarding $1 million to the guy sitting in his pajamas on the couch watching Survivor? Giving a blue ribbon to the kid who stayed home from field day? Giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a President who escalated wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? No, that would be unreasonable."

Dash went on to say that she doesn't "have a problem with black people having their own space," but that her problem is with BET getting upset over the lack of diversity in other institutions, such as the Academy Awards.

"BET lies to American black people by telling them that the rest of America is racist, so stick close to your own kind. Anything that promotes segregation is bad!" Dash wrote. "And they're absolutely mortified that someone like me -- an independent-thinking black woman -- dares call their bluff."