John Fisher, Valerie Hampton, Jerry Lester, Jason Woodall John Fisher, Valerie Hampton, Jerry Lester, Jason Woodall

If Prison Break were set inside this big house, Michael and Linc never would have seen daylight. In A&E's eye-opening docuseries The Squad (Thursday, 10/9c), a crack team of Tennessee corrections officers is followed as it thwarts escapes, hinders smuggling and investigates all manners of jailhouse crimes. We were scared straight after speaking with the squad's special agent in charge Jason Woodall about things he's witnessed behind the walls.

There's no grace period for rookies. "My first day on the job I responded to a stabbing," Woodall recalls. "I've seen people die right before my eyes."

If it fits, it ships. "Any contraband that can fit in a body cavity — drugs, even handguns — can be smuggled," he says.

A coupla bad apples.... "The majority of the inmates are there to do their time and go home. It's not a free-for-all of criminal activity," Woodall says. "But it only takes a few."

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