Jennie Garth and Riley Thomas Stewart by Michael Desmond/The CW Jennie Garth and Riley Thomas Stewart by Michael Desmond/The CW

The mystery of the babydaddy has been solved! After much speculation with few clues to go on, the father of Kelly's son has finally been revealed in this week's episode of 90210.

Little Sammy's dad was the topic of much conversation throughout the episode, as Kelly's new love interest poked and prodded for any info he could get on the mystery man. But the big reveal came in the final moments of the episode during a confrontation between Kelly and Brenda (just like in the good ole days).

The argument came to a close with Brenda claiming Kelly was still hung up on Sammy's father: "You're still in love with" - wait for it - "Dylan."

If you predicted Dylan in our 90210 babydaddy poll - and most of you did - take a bow.

But in ID'ing Dylan, is 90210 committing Kelly to single motherhood? As Luke Perry told in this video (at the 3:30 mark), he has no intention of appearing on the CW series. "When you're in the professional acting business, you have to look at all offers," he said. "But I have to say - and I don't mean anything bad by it - that creatively, [playing Dylan] is something I've done before and I don't know that I'd benefit from going back and doing it again.... I couldn't do it without [original Beverly Hills, 90210 creator] Aaron [Spelling]."

Indeed, at this time there are no plans for Perry to pop up on 90210, says a show rep. - Gina DiNunno

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